Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mr Percy is getting better!

Mr. Percy has developed an infection on his belly. He has to have liquid medicine given to him twice a day with an eye dropper. It is supposed to be a real pain to get a gerbil to take medicine but Mr. Percy loves his medicine. After he is done taking his medicine he sits on my shoulders and I pet him and he purrs. Purring is unusual for a gerbil to do unless they are very happy!
Mr Percy comes out and romps on my desk while I work. Can you find him among my burr animals?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look at this month’s Where Women Create

Okay so now for some super happy news. Where Women Create’s magazine just hit the newstands and guess who is inside.
That is right...that is my name on the cover! My studio and me are inside the magazine on page 118. Thanks so much to Mary Engelbreit for suggesting to Jo Packman,the editor of WWC, that she have me in the magazine. A huge thanks to Jo for picking me to be in the magazine! I am so flattered to have been picked.
Here I am at my desk. The article is three spreads long and shows some of my work as well as my studio. Paula Jansen, who photographed my studio did some fabulous shots and in a couple of them my studio looks huge! Trust me, it is not that big. My fabulous friend, Sara Tetley, who is a great architect came up with the plans for the room and the ceiling light you see in my studio came from my mom’s 50’s ranch house. Gary said if I was going to take that light from her home it had to go in my studio. My former intern and friend, Kristen Powers, said  working in my studio is like being in Disneyland.
But the most exciting thing for me is right after my article is an article on my most talented, smart, wonderful, extraordinary ...I could go on and on.... daughter Anna.
She is such a talented artist and her dad and I can’t claim she inherited her talent from us....it is all her. The big posters behind her head are some images of Least Tern birds she did for a environment project in her Biology class in which her team won first prize. Anna wants to go into graphic design and she is looking into art schools because she heads to college next year. So far she has been accepted to Herron School of Design in Indianapolis and MCAD...Minneapolis College of Art and Design and we are waiting for other schools to see if she gets accepted to them. Of course, her dad and I feel what school would not want her!
So check out your newstands if you want to see the whole article on both of us.