Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Am Back!

Summer is finally drawing to a close and I must say I am happy to see it go. I would not say this was a a great summer and the last month has been very busy and hard. My knee is getting better due to physical therapy with my wonderful therapist Missy Yaeger.  I am back at school with some wonderful students. But I miss Annie who is back at MCAD in her own apartment and with her own car this year. Something else has changed in my world. I will let you listen in on a conversation Gary and I had recently.

Gary: Linda, you realize that the basement has filled up again. I am having a horrible time getting around in it, there are things  everywhere. If I did not know better I would swear you never had a sale of any of your stuff. I know that  you did because I was roped into working that sale.
Linda: What can I say… I like to pump money into the economy and have new treasures in my home. And when I clean out my studio because it gets too crowded then I have to take those excess items from my studio and put it in the basement.
Gary: You know you could just not shop for anything more.
Linda: Me…not buy bargains…not junk with Marie on Saturday…I hate to tell you this but that is not going to happen. It is in my blood. You just need to understand that living with me means you will have a lot of doodads and trinkets in your house. 
Gary: I get that but I would like to not have to worry about breaking my leg tripping over some box with patina on it.
Linda: Okay,okay, I will do something about it.

Later in the month
Linda: GARY..GARY guess what?
Gary: Whatever it is, I do not want it hear about it if it costs any money.
Linda: The Green Shag Market just called me and I finally am going to have a booth at their antique mall. I can sell all my excess stuff there. No need for another sale in the house. I will have to pay a booth fee but with all the items I am going to sell I will be able to pay the fee and make a profit.
Gary: How do you know you are going to make a profit?
Linda: I have great stuff….I will be the place to go for vintage fabric and trim, old magazines, crafting supplies, trinkets, embellishments, ephemera, greeting cards and all sorts of funky odd stuff I no longer have on display in our house and my studio. My friends, my students and all the DYIers in St. Louis can come to my booth to get supplies. That will mean no more trips to Hobby Lobby for them.
Gary: Well, that does sound good.
Linda: And this would be a great opportunity for Sandy Zub to sell all the excess vintage things she has…I bet she would be willing to share the rent and sell along with me.
Gary: That all sounds good. Although, you know, there is just one problem.
Linda: What could possibly be wrong with this idea? I see it as a win win situation.
Gary: Your booth is located in an antique mall. Promise me when you take stuff into the mall to fill up the booth each week, you will NOT cruise around the mall and buy more stuff.
Linda: Oh, I promise (wink wink)

Come to The Green Shag Market located on Manchester Road.
thegreenshagmarket.comSandy Zub and I are all set up in Booth 30. Great prices, wonderful stuff. Come and buy something and make Gary happy. Help me fulfill my dream of  going on that 5 state 500 miles Junking Caravan. I will need gas money.

Here are some pics of the stuff for sale in the booth right now. I will be putting pics on my Linda Solovic Studio Facebook page as new stuff goes into the booth.