Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Etsy site is a changing

Gary and I have decided we need to revitalize my Etsy site and what better time to do it than before the holidays. We will be taking down much of the artwork we have had on the site for a long time and putting new prints on it. We will, of course, keep our best sellers but there will be lots of new and sparkly prints for you to choose from. Be sure to check back to my blog because in the next few weeks I will be posting some of the items we will be selling. In addition to new prints, there will be pillows, pillow plushes, small prints on wood blocks, embroidery kits, notecards and fabric wall hangings. Here is what my desk looks like right now. Check back soon to my blog or my Etsy site to see where these animals that are on my desktop will end up.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Embroidered Wall Hanging is done

I always have at least 5-10 projects going at once....and of course I have materials and ideas for at least 20 more. One time my friend Laurie said to me that I bet you have at least 25 projects I in the works or at least had the supplies for the projects. So I decided to make a list and see if she was right.

Okay so I have more than 25 projects.

But over the summer I did get one of my projects done. I wrote about this wall hanging I was making using embroidery, Michael Miller Mirror Dot fabrics, and my collection of flower pins and doodads. If you want to see this post go to my archives and look for the post on 8/11/11 Back from Vacation.

So here it is all put together and in my bedroom hanging over my bed. I am super pleased with how it cam out.