Thursday, April 26, 2012

Searching for my fabric

This weekend is the big quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky. I usually go to it with a wonderful group of friends but due to many circumstances I will be unable to go with them. Gary has generously offered to drive to the show on Saturday.
The quilt show consists of two things ..the quilt show where at least 100 quilts are displayed including grand prize winners. The quilts are always amazing.....and it is fun to see them all. The second thing is, of course, is my favorite part, booth upon booth of vendors selling everything related to making quilts...quilting machines, sewing machines, all kinds of patterns and quilting notions, books, wool felt, embellishments and buttons, ribbon and lace and of course the most important item....fabric! I have been going to Paducah with my friends for at least 7 years and every year I wish this was the year I would have a fabric line that might be sold in the booths or ....and this might be too much to hope for.... to be used in an award winning quilt. Well the year is finally here...I have two lines of fabric out in the market with a third line coming out this spring.
So Saturday I will be searching the show for my fabric...Gary will be my photographer and take pictures of me in the booths if I find my fabric. I am keeping my fingers crossed I at least find one booth with my fabric in it. And I also hope I do not spend an arm and a leg buying lots of stuff.......I am thinking Gary might be able to keep me in check.
So check back next week to see if I found my fabric anywhere and see what I bought in the booths....I will also take pics and post my five favorite quilts from the show...they will most likely be Japanese because I am always drawn to them.
So here is a peek at the sure to play the Paducah song while you look at these pics.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doodle an Alphabet

I am sorry I have been away from my blog for a bit. My lovely and sweet mother-in-law Kay was very sick and for awhile it was touch and go. She is better now...back in her home with her cat Buddy by her side. Gary and his siblings are taking turns staying with her so she can be in her home while she gets stronger. So I am back to writing my blog regularly again.
I knew when I decided to go into licensing I would need to develop handwritten lettering that would go with my style of artwork. At first I would I do this...I am not very good working with type...that is why I married a graphic designer...Gary could always put in any type I needed in any project I did and he could design logos and stationary for me. But that was not going to work anymore, embroidered images need embroidered type. How did I develop the handwritten type I always use....I doodled letters and words whenever I talked to my mom and friends on the phone. I would write the same word over and over putting different swirls on the letters, mixing upper and lower case letters until I created lettering I liked. Here are examples of some new letters I am working on.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What’s in my studio?

There is something about wooden blocks that intrigues me. I like the oldness and patina of the wood and colors, the smallness of the images on them as well as the simple and graphic style of the illustrations. I amazes me how many different versions of blocks have been done through the ages. And I like that most flea markets and antique malls always have them and they cost little to buy. And they do not take up much room in my studio. Here are some of my favorite blocks.