Monday, October 14, 2013

Need Portfolio Help

As an illustrator and teacher, I am always asked about how do I put my portfolio together, what should I put in, what should I leave out, how many pieces should I put it, how should I order them....the questions go on and on. Well here is just the class for you.
My representative, Sheila Meehan of Meehan Design has developed an ecourse just to address the above questions. This course is for artists/illustrators who want to go into licensing.

Here is all the info about the class. You can sign up for the class through this link. 

The website for the classes is If you go to the classes from there since I am an affiliate, I get a small bit of moola.

Developing Marketable Art Licensing Portfolios that Sell!  
For the emerging and intermediate Artist; Taught by Sheila Meehan--Meehan Design Group (see BIO below)  with J'net Smith--All Art Licensing
Date: November 7, 2013
Time: 12 noon PST / 3 p.m. EST
Duration: 2+ hours, including Q&A
Technology: Web Conferencing with Screen Share of PowerPoint and Audio (+ full presentation & audio for everyone who registers--just in case you can't attend the live event)
Price: $99 (with registration byOctober 15th ($129.00 after)

This class is designed for artists who have a body of work that they wish to explore licensing for merchandise. For those who have been working in the illustration or graphic design marketplace, and artists who have tried licensing but aren’t sure if their portfolio is put together correctly, this class is designed for you.

This class will teach how to:
  • Develop a marketing plan-building a road map for where you direct your efforts
  • Organize your art—choosing images that work for product based on trends and themes and developing collections
  • Put art on product—using templates or prototypes
The goal is to build thoughtful collections leading to compiling a meaningful portfolio. The course will include overSheila’s ability to identify potential along with the endless possibilities of an artist’s application in the marketplace is what has secured her in a successful, satisfying, andcareer in Licensing.
50 slides with helpful guidelines, visual examples of how a collection is developed, portfolio pages that work (and some that don’t!), what should be included in presentation materials and finally, how to market your work effectively. 

Key Requirements:
  • Computer skills in Photoshop, Illustrator or similar program
  • A body of artwork
  • Desire to work in licensing either on your own or with an agent
Follow up consultations with Sheila can be arranged for a reduced rate for 90 days following the course. Details will be provided during the course for attendees.

BIO--Sheila Meehan, President Meehan Design Group
Sheila Meehan began her career with an open mind and a passionate desire to realize her creative destiny. 
After graduating from college, an opportunity in marketing and sales presented itself and she responded and found herself immersed in the creative, but mostly practical business side of the greeting card and gift industries.  Here she quickly discovered a keen understanding and appreciation of the ‘art’ of doing business. 

As Vice President at Determined Productions, Inc., representing Felix the Cat and Peanuts to name a few, she moved to Schurman Fine Papers (now Papyrus) as Director of Licensing.  In 2002, she bravely opened her own agency and continues to maintain (still bravely) a talented roster of artists while also consulting with emerging and seasoned artists on growing their business.  Devoted to finding and matching an artist with the perfect product or line, Sheila is relentless in helping her artists and striving to make the world be a better and more artistic place to live. 

I will be taking the course too just to learn from a master. You can sign up for the course, download it on the day of the class and actually do the class whenever you have time. Of course, the advantage to doing the course on November 7th you will be able to ask Sheila questions.