Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now it has really been a long time since I wrote a post

I think this is the longest I have been away from blogging. I am not going to say I will be better about posting again because it seems as soon as I say that something comes up and I am away for quite awhile. The summer has gone by in a blur and soon I will be back at school and Annie will be back at MCAD. It is fun having her home but it is also trying at times...she is used to being on her own so we let her have as much freedom as we can but butting heads at times is to be expected.

My camera has not been found at Hancock fabrics in Paducah so I have lost a big hunk of the photos I wanted to share with you. And I have posted a bunch of the photos from New York on my facebook page. That said though, I do want to catch you up as best as I can from both of these trips and also my summer happenings.

Let’s do Paducah first. I did, in fact, find my fabric there at one of the booths. Gary spotted it by saying BINGO..I was in another booth and came running over to see that, yes indeed, it was there. They had several fabrics from the Flutter line. I was so excited as were the owners of the booth to actually meet an artist whose work they were selling. We talked and Gary took pictures of me in the booth.The name of the booth was The Creative Stitch from North Manchester, Indiana.

I also found my fabric at Hancock’s Fabric of Paducah. www.hancocks-paducah.com They only had one bolt of fabric from the Flutter collection but it was still exciting to see my work at a premier quilt shop. They let me into the storeroom so I could take pictures of my fabric stacked up for sale.

Gary was a little overwhelmed by the show. Too many women all in a high enthusiasm mood everywhere. You do not really want to be a guy at the Quilt Show. I tried to talk him into wearing matching quilting outfits but he drew the line at that idea. I did make him eat the bad for you lunch I like to eat when I am there..an Italian sausage with onions accompanied by long curly potato chips made fresh on the grill. He was a real dear to take me....I usually go with a group of my friends but my schedule did not allow me to take off to have a leisurely weekend at the show. Here though are a few pics of me at the show.