Monday, October 10, 2011

A Peek at My Sale Stuff

I have been so busy sorting, bagging and pricing stuff for my sale this Saturday October 15th 8-4. Friday my mom came and helped me bag beads and today she is coming to help me sort stuff into aappropriate containers like vintage lace and appliques, beads, holiday doo dads, trinkets etc. Thanks so much are being such a sweetie. And of course our devil of a kitten, Dexter, has been having a ball. He has managed to drag out all sorts of stuff. Like the other morning he had a bouquet of flowers in his mouth carrying them around like he was a bride. And he has lived up to his name Dexter. Anna named him Dexter after the main character of the TV show Dexter. In the TV show, Dexter is a serial killer ridding the world of evil people who escape the law. See what Dexter found among all my stuff.