Friday, August 20, 2010

I am really writing a blog, finally

Okay everyone, I have said I am going to start writing a blog for the past five years. I am always going to start it during the summer when I am not teaching. But every year I go back to school and I have not started it yet. Since I go back to school next week, I decided this just has to be the year I begin. So in case you do not know, writing is not my forte....expect my postings to be very conversational with lots of dots between sentences....because if you know me at all you know I love polka dots. I will write the blog most of the time but my aliases, Anna, my daughter, and Gary, my husband, may end up doing some postings. My daughter Anna is a great writer and wants to write the blog...of course, she wants to be paid for her time. But she assures me she will do a great job of writing the blog and she will write it in a professional manner. She does not plan to use dots between sentences or to sound like she is running on in her sentences like I do. Good because I have paid a lot of moolah to send her to a good school, Crossroads College Prep and to writing classes with Janie Ibur and I want to see I have gotten my money’s worth. What am I going to write about. Well for one thing, there will be no food or recipes. Since I do not cook at all (even though my husband pleads with me to just make anything at all) I can hardly help anyone else cook anything. But if you do see food shots on the blog it will be food I am eating because I do love to eat food, especially my husband’s cooking, my mom’s specialties, restaurants of any kind (but Indian), and of course my mainstay in life, chocolate. I will be posting fun things I find on my many trips to stores and estate sales, wacky signs and tacky items that tickle my fancy that I seem to see everywhere, great illustrations both current and vintage, goofy things the college students I teach at Washington University in St. Louis, say and do, things I am making for myself like my stuffies and quilts. Sorry guys, but the art I work on for my licensing clients will not be able to be shown until it is in the market... those pesky confidentiality problems....but I can show the stuff I am making for my Etsy site or for my friends. I am sure I will bore you talking about my family and friends although I find them all fascinating and wonderful. Don’t expect me to write too much about my daughter...she is very private. I may show an occasional vacation photo but most of those involve me standing in front of some large roadside attraction or outsider art sculptures. I will be showing all kinds of artwork that I like and artists whose work I find fabulous. I hope to be able to educate you at times with tips for doing art or making stuff. Mostly though my blog will be fun, silly and have lots of photos. Let the blogging begin! Corrine, my stalker, this is for you. Thanks so much to my editor hubby, Gary, without whom I would never be able to make anything sound right or be spelled right.


  1. WOW-at last a blog by the fun and fabu Linda !
    Yippee... and hooray that I get to be the first to say this...I'm so proud of you for taking the plunge!

  2. yay! love the name of the blog too--looking forward to spending some time in linda land!

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere!