Thursday, May 17, 2012

Found my fabric, lost my camera

Well it has been a while since I posted has been a wild month but then from the middle of April until the middle of June it is always crazy around school semester is finally finished with all the grades posted....I will miss my students, as always I had a great bunch but some of the seniors I will really miss....Adira, Anthony, Sasha, Katherine, Lauren O and K, Jamie, Erin and especially Chris. I went to the Quilt Show in Paducah and the St. Louis Book Fair which I love. We just brought our daughter Anna back from MCAD for the summer and we are getting ready to go to NYC for the stationary and gift show and as well as Surtex. My rep, Sheila Meehan, will have a booth at Surtex with all the artists she represents in it which, of course, includes me. I love NYC and my wonderful cousins Susan and George Solovic are lending us their apartment on West 56th Street to stay in. Besides Surtex, we plan to see the Keith Haring exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, go to eat in Chinatown....a must for my daughter. I want to see the new fancy Marimekko store and go to Tinsel Trading. 
As if this is not enough to do in these months, to top it off everyone in my family decided they needed to have their birthdays at this is not enough there is Mom’s and Dad’s day in these months but Annie, Gary, my mom, my sister, my mother-in-law and my niece all decided to be born in these months.....whew... and then to top it off my wonderful nephew Elliot is graduating from college. Oh and Gary and I were married on May 1st...36 years this year. I am happy to celebrate all these events but I have found that this time of the year is not the time to diet..I must eat 10 cakes in one month.
I did find my fabric in was at a booth in the main retail area and then at Hancocks of Paducah...the big quilting store. Wish I could show all the excitement of the day but the pics are in my camera that I left at Hancocks...needless to say I was not planning on doing that. They have yet to find my camera...I have called them numerous times and on Tuesday they told me they had found a digital camera and when they described it I was sure it was mine. They sent it to me and it arrived today but it is not mine. So now I am thinking someone might have picked up mine thinking it was theirs and they do not realize they have my camera. So I am hoping soon to get the camera back and then you can see the pics. 
So since I do not have those pics to show you I will show you four pieces that I have done for Surtex called Twiggy Flowers. Enjoy and I will post about my trip when I get back...Annie and Gary are going to carry the cameras.

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