Thursday, December 6, 2012

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it

Finally my Acorn Acres Holiday Line is out and in the market! This holiday line has been in the making for two years and I cannot believe it is actually in stores and online.  Acorn Acres was produced by One Hundred 80 Degrees and art directed by Stephen Brown of Glitterville and his cohort Byran Crabtree. Stephen Brown, for those who watched Craft Wars, was one of the judges. It was so fun to work with them and I am uber pleased with how the line looks. I have been dreaming of the day I will have a whole holiday line out in the stores.

Now, of course, you are all thinking...well some of you might be..where can I buy some of Linda’s cute items for my tree...well so far I have found some of the ornaments at two web sites. The Weed Patch, once you are at this store go to Christmas and then to ornaments and then to woodland, and Red Chair Kids, once you are at this store go to Christmas and there is two different sets of the ornaments. If any of you find them anywhere else on the web, could you please let me know and I will send you a surprise. If anyone finds the collection selling anywhere is St. Louis and lets me know, you will get a handmade prize!

So here are pictures of the collection from the One Hundred 80 Degrees site. I have also attached at the end of the collection several pictures of One Hundred 80 Degrees showroom in Atlanta that Sheila took last year at the trade show. And also you might look at this collection and think the lumberjack looks like someone you know...the reason is I fashioned the lumberjack after my husband Gary. Gary now uses his ornament as his facebook profile. The lumberjack Gary was also made into a big pillow. Gary asked Annie if she would like his pillow for her dorm room and I bet all of you could hear her groaning response all over the US. The beaver ornament is named Truman after my friend Liz Sullivan’s son....he loved the ornament when I showed it to him so I named the beaver after him..Liz I am working to get Truman a pillow.

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