Monday, October 25, 2010

Produce from the garden

Okay, now remember I said there would not be much posting about food on this blog. That said I have to feature the big harvest of tomatoes my husband reaped from his tomato plants. We have a beautiful garden in our yard thanks to my husband. It is a cottage garden, lush with lots of color and texture in the plants. People in the neighborhood always stop and look at it on their daily walks. However, for some reason that no one can phantom, he can not seem to win a neighborhood gardening award. We suspect it is because his garden does not have a lot of the same plants...hostas, impatients, and Japanese maples, all of these plants in rows with mulch showing in between the plants in along with grass that looks like you are on a golf course. What fool wants to spend their weekend time maintaining a perfect lawn with no weeds!

So here is one of Gary’s tomato plant

And here is the yield

Good thing he gets a laugh out of this. He always posts his tomato photos on his facebook page.

And here is his pic. I know all of your artists out there always want to have visuals to go along with any story. I call this his Christopher Meloni pic (Elliot Stabler on L&O of my favorite shows) because his muscles look big.

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  1. I love home grown vegetables, we have our own little garden behind our house where we grow tomatoes..and we let some weeds grow too. Those tomatoes are so little and cute!