Monday, December 20, 2010

Finally back to Blogging

I have been very busy finishing up with my teaching for the semester and getting ready for Christmas. I also had a large job to do for Scholastic last week and it took most of my time to get it done. I will share it with you after I get it shot tomorrow by my wonderful photographer Curt Dennison.
Here is a pic from the last day in my Licensed Image class. Since moustaches are so hot right now...the image of moustaches seems to be on everything from pillows to mugs I had my students pose with moustaches on. I thought it was a fitting end to the class.
Gary and I had a cookie decorating party with some friends last weekend. Thought I would show you the photos so you can see that I decorate cookies just like I draw stuff. My friend Sandy Zub is a creative whiz when decorating cookies...she is an art director for Nestle Purina but I think she should be the next Martha Stewart and I could come on her show.
some of Sandy’s designs...note the hula dancer at left and the chicken for our friend Linda
my bird cookies
designs from Liz, Truman and Jef’s answer to a gingerbread man
the cookie participants...from the left...Truman, Liz Sullivan, Jef Ebers,Sandy Zub..on top me and Gary

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