Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Decorations in my House

Thought all of you might like to see some of the holiday decorations in my house. I have been collecting vintage holiday collectibles since 1980 at estate sales and flea markets. Most of the stuff in my house that is vintage I got before the prices soared upward. Also my mom was quite the saver and I have a lot of stuff that was her’s or my grandmother’s. I treasure those items and always put them out at Christmas.
Small tree in my dining room where I hang ornaments that I have designed and that have been produced. Unfortunately they are no longer in production.
Tabletop display in living room....I call these snowmen the Osmonds because I have so many of them and they all look alike. The snowmen are made of batted cotton from the 40’s. I paid a lot for my first one in 1988...$25.00 and then I kept finding them wherever I would go and each new one I found would be less money. The last couple were only $5.00 each. If I like something a lot, I will buy variations..I like to group collectibles in masses.
My fireplace mantel...this has some of my favorite items on it. I used an old small crib frame and put lights around gives me a place to hang my chenille Santas and wreaths. The bird artwork is by Gennine..I just love her work.
Old German Candy containers
Usually these shelves hold my collection of bird artwork and primitive bird art. But at Christmas I fill it with Santas and Snowmen. The vintage candles sat on my grandmother’s and mom’s mantel and the plastic Santas and Snowmen I collected over the years with my friend Sandy...we always had a big shopping day to buy new Christmas items after Sandy got her Christmas bonus.
Collection of Christmas gift boxes in my hall. My mom has given me quite a few...she used to put her extra lights, hooks, etc in them but because I liked them so much she has given them to me. Also when I go to estate sales a lot of times I will empty out a decorative box of its contents and just buy the box. The dealers look at me like I am nuts and sometimes give me the box cause they consider it trash.

Coming in the next couple of days...Christmas in my studio and bedroom.

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