Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas decorations coming down

It always makes me sad to take down my Christmas decorations. I have so many cute things that I hate to put them away. Sometimes, since I really like snowmen, I will keep up the snowman, fur trees and anything that smacks of winter just to keep those items out and about longer.
I said I would show you the Christmas in my studio so before I take the decorations down here they are.
As I sit at my desk, I look at shopping bags and cards I have collected over the years. I loved the bubble lights on my childhood Christmas tree so I have a small bubble light tree on my desk that I light up while I work. The collection of animals is from the Martha Stewart holiday collection at Macy’s this year....I had a Brushkin squirrel ornament I bought years ago made out of bristel brush and have always wanted more Brushkin animals. When I saw Martha’s collection I knew I had to have them. Luckily at Macy’s I got all of them on sale. You can find Brushkin ornaments at www.brushkins.com
My inspiration board filled with vintage and new greeting cards and tags
I look at these cuties when I work on my computer. The elephant and two ducks are ornaments from Jennifer Murphy, a favorite artist of mine. www.jmurphybears.com The bird in the hat is a new addition this year...my mom bought it for me and I love it. The small owl my mom made and gave to me for Christmas.
This wreath I made last year greets you when you come into my studio.


  1. I tend to keep the Halloween ones up year round. I just can't get enough of the black, orange, lime green, & purple color combo. This year I'm keeping my Santa collection out. I'm justifying it by saying that I have to design Xmas stuff in July, so I need the inspiration. That works, right?