Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sad Day in my Studio

Sorry there has was no blogs last week. On Friday January 14, my beloved gerbil, Mr. Perry, died. He had been getting skinnier and skinnier and my vet Jim Scheusler of Kirkwood Animal Hospital told me he could run some blood tests to see if he had cancer but if Mr. Perry did have cancer he would not survive any surgery. Mr. Percy is still in my studio missing Mr. Perry. I get him out more and let him run around my desk so he will not be too lonely. Gerbils are social animals and get along best in pairs. I would get him a new brother but because Mr. Percy is older, he would not welcome a new brother in his territory.
Here is Mr. Perry when he was a baby.

Gary told Anna that he thought maybe I needed a pet that lived longer than 2-3 years like a dog. So although he has always said he does not want a dog, Gary is thinking I do need something for the empty nest that is coming next year when Anna goes to college. So last week I thought I would look at senior rescue dogs and see what they had. And I found Thelma.

As my friend Joyce pointed out the name alone meant she was the dog for me. And my other friend, Artist Annie, has two Bostons named Bebe and Strummer and I am crazy about her dogs. But they are super full of energy and I am not sure my cat Miss Sophie who is 12 years old needs a dog in her face. And then once Gary really thought about it he sorta said no to the idea of getting a dog now...he meant we should get one in the future. I checked and Thelma did get adopted over the weekend so at least she has a home but I must admit I wish she was here with me.

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  1. I've completely sworn off rats, hamsters and anything small and furry that dies in a horribly short time. So I thought I should let you know that both chinchillas and sugar gliders are small, furry and live as long as a dog or cat! (I have gliders, and I really want chinchillas one day.) Although don't let that put you off the idea of a dog in the future...