Friday, April 1, 2011

Artichoke Annie’s

My friend Joyce and I went on a little Sunday adventure during my spring break from Wash U. I love Joyce because the same absurd things in life that make her laugh make me laugh. Here are the things that we found hilarious at the Artichoke Annie Antique Mall on Highway 70 in Millersburg MO near Columbia MO.

This dealer had a musical theme going

Not the least bit obvious

In what universe does asparagus and cookies go together?

Just like a real baby

Really wants to make you buy the product

Women are left to die

My biggest artwork for sale in a flea market

Who knew a parakeet was smart enough to graduate with a cute hat....I need some small hats for my gerbils

for my sister who loved Popin Fresh...human sized no less

Joyce loves these weird portraits...just goes to show men had mullets all through time

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