Friday, September 30, 2011

My big sale of stuff is going to be October 15th!

Gary: Linda, you cannot bring anymore stuff into this house!
Linda: But I need it for my am I supposed to make my collages if I do not have any stuff.
Gary: Linda, you have enough stuff to make a new piece of artwork everyday from now until you die...then if you are reborn, you could make a piece of artwork everyday of your new life until you die and then you would still have stuff left over
Linda: What if I come back as a bug...bugs cannot make artwork.
Gary: Linda, there is no room for another item in our garage, in our basement, in your studio...get rid of some stuff...I am afraid the house is going to explode.
Gary: Okay, how about I will set up a shop on Etsy and ebay and sell your stuff for you. Linda: I will think about it.

Later in the day

Linda: Gary insists I have to sell some of my stuff...he is so mean...I really do not have that much. My junk collecting is what makes me me. 
Laurie: Linda, no grown woman should have that much stuff...I agree...sell it. But before you sell it on eBay and Etsy why don’t you have a sale in your house and discount the items so all your friends and students can buy them? Whatever doesn’t sell then list those items on Etsy and ebay. Linda: What a great idea. I have a lot of feedsack fabric. Feedsack fabric sells on ebay for about $10.00 a sack. I could price my feedsacks at $7.00 and sell them to my friends. I would make money without having to list and ship the items. You know how I hate to ship stuff. My friends will be happy because they will get some premium vintage stuff, Gary will be happy that stuff is cleared out of the basement and garage. I will be happy because I can use the money to visit Annie at MCAD. I can also use the money to buy new stuff since the basement and garage will be cleared out. Let’s hit the estate sales this weekend.
Laurie: You need to sell the stuff first then we can talk estate sales.

So here it is...the first Linda you must get rid of some of your stuff sale. Believe me when I say there will be boatlaods of items for might want to bring a truck.

Here is a list of some of the items.
Fabrics: includes new fabrics, vintgage feedsack fabric, vintage 50s fabric, bags of scrap fabric both collectable and vintage
Embellishments: includes trim, appliques, ribbon, lace, etc. both vintage and new
Trinkets: bags of trinkets. with vintage and newer items in them. There will be trinket bags of animals, babies, wedding items, people, game pieces, food, holidays, cowboys and indians, dishes, cars, trucks and planes, houses, toys, Barbie shoes, etc. Most of these trinkets are dollhouse sized. There will be no clown trinkets...they all go to my clown loving friend Sara T.
Ephemera: includes old greeting cards, gift wrap, bingo cards, playing cards, all kinds of things to hang on your inspiration boards or to use to make collages
State Pennants and Snowdomes
Collectables: all kinds of stuff including holiday items, dishes, nic nacs....items I planned to sell in an antique booth.
Furniture and shelves: various shabby chic furniture I have decided to sell.

The sale is Saturday, October 15th 8:00 AM till 4:00PM. NO PRESALES!  The sale will be in my house at 6415 Murdoch, St. Louis, MO 63109. Furniture and shelves will be in the backyard. Cash and checks only.

I will not have any of my artwork for sale. I plan to have a Starving Artist’s Sale soon.

Gary: Linda do you think you are going to sell anything?
Linda: I am sure I will...I have great fun stuff and I have friends who like having too much stuff. I am sure they will want to add some of my stuff to their stuff. Then with the money I make, I can go buy some of their excess stuff.
Gary: Linda will this buying of junk ever stop?
Linda: I doubt it...I will be buying from now until eternity. You cannot stiffle creative spirit. You should have learned this in the 35 years we have been married.
Annie: Great all you want. Then when I inherit all this stuff, I will sell it all and take a round the world cruise.


  1. Ha! I love this. I will be there. I look forward to meeting you!

  2. Sounds awesome. I git rid of so much stuff when i moved, i must now. Buy more!