Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to Blogging (I hope)

Well the holidays are over, Anna is back at MCAD, another semester has started at Washington University, Sheila has gone to the Atlanta Gift Show...great reception of my new products...none of which I can talk about. I made a new years resolution that I would blog two times a week in the new year and as you can tell that resolution is not working out too well. It is February 1 and I have yet to post a single thing in 2012. So I decided that today I would get back on the horse so to speak and put up a new post.

My holidays were great...loved spending time with Anna...she is always a delight .....and seeing and being with my friends and family. I would not say it was an exciting holiday season but most times I am happy with that if it means the holiday season does not go in a hectic, crazy, or downward spiral. That said, two people from my studio did go on a big adventure last holiday season.

Two of my plushes, Gigi the french poodle and Max the mouse, went to Paris...can you believe that? They sent me pictures and what a time they had. They saw all the sights, ate up a storm and indulged in many ways. They have returned to my studio safe and sound but they have riled up all the other plushes. Now all of them want to go on a holiday.

So here are the pics from Gigi’s and Max’s trip.

We went first class

We visited the Louvre

I.M. Pei is such a wonderful architect!

The Mona Lisa was fabulous.

I needed some expresso to pick me up.

Notre Dame....Oh la la

time for a little rest

we had a wonderful time

Max and Gigi wanted to be sure I thanked Sheila (my rep) and Doug her sweetie of a hubby for taking them on their Parisian holiday.

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