Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I love being an Etsy artist

One of the things I love about being on Etsy is all the wonderful people I get to meet. People from all over the world buy my prints....I am always excited when someone buys my prints from Australia, Brazil, England, France and Italy...any country makes me happy. And I love connecting with other artists from different countries. I find that some artists who sell prints on Etsy are willing to do a mutual sale with you if they like your artwork. In other words, I buy a piece of their art and they buy a piece of my art at the same time so it is like you are getting their print for free.

At the beginning of December I make up my Christmas list. I always look at all my favorite artists under my favorite shops on my Etsy site and figure out whose artwork I want to put on my Christmas list this year. So starting with this post I am going to start showing you artists from Etsy whose work I love...so much so I either did a mutual buy or received their artwork as a gift.

So this Christmas I asked three prints artists to do a mutual buy with me. I love putting up new artwork in my home...I figure I can always find a place on some wall to hang one more picture. So here are the artists whose work is now hanging in my home this year.

Eloise Renouf www.etsy.com/people/EloiseRenouf

I love Eloise’s fanciful and simple tree designs and her colors are wonderful!
Here are the pieces I bought.

Flora Chang lives close to me in Kansas City and has done work for Hallmark. I love her sweet and adorable characters, animals and houses. I do not normally buy artwork that is B&W but I fell in love with this bird piece.

3 Crows /www.etsy.com/people/3crows Sara Pulver is the artist of this site. I love the whimsy of her animals and also the folk art quality of her paintings. The images make me laugh. The dog and the cat in the bed is not the exact image that I bought but the one I have is not on her site right now.

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