Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I found my fabric!

Sorry no blogs last week...sick with a cold. I am back in my studio this week working on collections for the New York Stationary and Gift show in May.
Gary and I went to Minneapolis the weekend of the 18th to visit Annie. We had a fabulous trip and we loved spoiling Annie for the weekend, buying things for her room and taking her out to dinner and ice cream. The weather in Minneapolis is as screwy as it is everywhere this year...it is warmer there than normal with little or no snow. 
While in Minneapolis I went online to check out the fabric stores in the city. There was one store Crafty Planet that sold all of the cute, modern fun fabric I always see online but are not stocked in any St. Louis fabric stores. I talked Gary into taking me there under the guise of research....he was reluctant because he knew I would not just look at the fabric....I would have to buy some fabric. Imagine my surprise when there on the shelf amongst all of this cool fabric was my How Tweet It Is bird fabric. I was jumping for joy because I have never seen my fabric in a store. 
If you go to Minneapolis you must go to Crafty Planet.www.craftyplanet.com. Besides, fabric they stock yarn, embroidery supplies, books, cool colored trim. It is a fabulous store and the shop owners are delightful and oh so helpful. How I wish we had a shop like this in St. Louis. Of course, that meant I would be there all the time and my wallet would be so much emptier. You can buy fabric from them online. 


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