Friday, August 31, 2012

I want to die here...Tinsel Trading NYC

All my friends have always told me that I need to go to the Holy Grail of crafting stores....Tinsel Trading in NYC. It is in the garment district and I have met Marcia who owns the shop when I participated in Mary Engelbriet’s workshop several years ago. I have never ventured there afraid I would spend too much money. The embellishments are expensive because they are vintage and I have known people to spend over five hundred dollars in the shop. But this time I decided I would friend Joyce told me that because all of the stuff was so expensive I would not spend much...Joyce loves to buy and she only spent $30.....I was sure I would spend less than $100 if I watched myself. Annie and Gary dropped me off and I shopped. Here are pics of the shop and did I spend less than $100? I will give you a hint....I would not tell Gary how much I spent.

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