Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thanks so much Susan Solovic

I am uber lucky that my cousin Susan Wilson Solovic has a studio apartment in New York. Susan is a super talented and a well known, well respected entrepreneur who founded the website It’s Your Biz and author of many books about how to succeed in a small business as well as how to succeed as a woman in business. She appears on national TV, goes on books tours and speaks widely about the above subjects. She is married to my cousin, George Solovic, who also is the best cousin ever. He is so much fun and he really helps my mom deal with all her financial area an artist like me is a little hazy on.

Susan is in New York a lot of the time and as a result she now has an apartment there. She let us use it while we were in town and I must say it was like being in heaven. It was on the 33rd floor overlooking Central Park in Midtown by Columbus Square. Here are some pictures from the window.

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