Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Owls in Singapore

Now and then I get odd requests from people...most of the time they want to me to donate my artwork for a cause, use my artwork for something in which they do not plan to pay me, or ask me how to get started as an illustrator. I answer them politely. But now and then I get a delightful email. Here is one I received a while ago.

Dear Ms Linda,

I have been surfing the net and came across your beautiful artwork. As an art teacher of a primary school, I'm often on the lookout for ideas on what to do with my young pupils. As I am not art trained, sometimes I  really don't know what to do with my pupils next. Your work has given me inspiration and added enthusiasm to carry on the teaching of the subject.

The purpose of this email is to seek your permission for the use of your artwork -Friends of a Feathered Owl to give inspiration to my pupils. I love your cute owls and have shown them to my 8 year-old pupils and they love them too. I would like to get the pupils to create their own individual owls after looking at your picture. The owls will then be put together in the tree to form a picture. There will be no monetary gain in this project but purely for art purpose.

I hope to receive your favourable reply. Thank you.

Yours truly,
Brenda Ang

Of course I said yes and after the kids were done could she send me a copy of the artwork. So here it is...it is so wonderful...I love kids art for the playfulness of it, the bright colors, the simple and easy way kids make drawings usually with no worries about perception, size, design etc. The artwork is just full of joy.

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