Friday, November 28, 2014

Buy it! My new Etsy series is on my site

As you all know, I have been working on a series for prints for my Etsy site. I have been showing the works in progress on Instagram. I wanted to have the prints ready to make their debut for the holidays. What did I make?  I decided to design a series of prints highlighting how wonderful it is to make and buy handmade products. For me, any time I can sit down and do some kind of creative work with my hands, my blood pressure goes down, my stress level becomes more manageable, my mood lightens and before I know it I am feeling better. I know so many artists that feel the same way. 
Also I wanted to make prints for crafters to give to their DYI and crafting friends to hang in their studios and homes to remind them how important it is to make time for their crafts. 

I decided to take the piece of art I made for Uppercase’s Work/Life 3 book. For this book, I was asked to do an image showing my love of haberdashery. I got a very positive response to the piece and the editor of Uppercase, Janine Vangool, said it was one of her favorite pieces. With that piece in mind, I created a series of Make It! prints. So far I have finished Felt it!, Sew It!, Knit It!, Stitch It!, Glue It! as well as the Work/Life piece turned into Make It! Coming Soon: Quilt It!, Sketch It!, and Crochet It! which should be finished and on the site within the week. 

So here they are. They would look perfect in your studios as well as gifts for all your DYI and crafting friends. They are available for sale at my Etsy site.

Hope you like them! 


  1. As a crafter and illustrator, I must admit that I really love your works, great job Linda!