Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Look at my cute gerbil drawings

As you all know I love gerbils. I love having them in my studio while I work, I can watch their antics and they are SO cute! 

As always in faculty meetings I like to sketch while I listen. I always can process information better when I am drawing or doodling. And, of course, the drawing helps keep me awake. We have our faculty meetings in the same auditorium that I had my art history class in when I was a freshman at Washington University and five minutes into class I was usually dozing. And since sleeping is frowned upon in faculty meetings and I want to keep my job, I sketch.

At one of our last faculty meetings of the semester, I decided to sketch some gerbils. I realized that no one puts gerbils on greeting cards, fabric, wall art and wrapping paper. Hamsters and guinea pigs make appearances all the time but they are not nearly as cute as gerbils. And I have been assured by Monica Kelley, a gerbil breeder who sold me Hazel and Henrietta, gerbil products would snatched up by us gerbil lovers.

Should this be my next line of products?


  1. I love them! I'm a bunny lover first, but love all cute critters. I think these would be wonderful for your next product line!
    xx, shell and the bunnies

  2. I think they are very cute. And you are right that there are very few gerbil-centric items, while there are many hamster ones.