Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is in my studio?

First off, as you can imagine, my studio is filled with is everywhere and looking at it all brings me great joy and visual pleasure. So I am starting a series on my blog called what is in my studio so you all can see what I consider my fabulous stuff. And since I buy other artist’s work from Etsy I thought I could also introduce you to some of my favorite Etsy artists.
These adorable plushes sit right next to my laptop where I write my blogs. They are from an etsy shop called Knitting They are very small and oh so cute. It takes awhile to get your plush, Aintzi the artist, makes them after you order your plush. And Aintzi is located in Spain so shipping takes a bit of time. But the wait is well worth it! Annie bought these two cuties for me for Christmas. I can never have just one of something....I usually have to have two or three. People ask me why don’t you just make your own stuffies like can surely copy them. Trust me, you can never successfully copy someone else’s never looks quite the same because your piece does not have the artist’s spirit in it. And of course I want to support other artists and their work just as I want them to support me.

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