Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back from Vacation

I have been on a two week vacation and am now back in my studio. Had a great time...spent a week of the vacation at a condo my mom has in the Ozarks....very relaxing with little work to do. I always bring my sewing machine and work on projects for me. I finished the quilt I have been working on for ages, made new cloth napkins and started to piece together a wall hanging for my living room. For awhile I was on a real kick using dupioni silk...of course I had to have every color made in the I had quite a bit of dupioni fabric in my studio. Then I found this fabulous fabric called Mirror Ball Dot by Michael Miller at the Paducah Quilt Show in 2009. I had never used it and decided I could do some flower stitching on the dupioni silk and then use the Mirror Ball Dot fabric to frame the stitching. Of course, as always. I had more flower ideas than I had originally planned and although I had enough colors of the dupioni silk to make the stitched images I did not have enough colors of the Mirror Ball Dot fabric to frame the stitchery. And darn it Mirror Ball Dot fabric had been discontinued! So by searching the Internet and by the grace of a wonderful woman who sold me some of her stash I finally found enough colors. Here is the wall hanging in progress. I cannot show you the whole square because my scanner is not large enough. I plan to add beads, embellishments and jewerly pieces to these next.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Mark Hordyszynski and I am the creator of Mirror Ball Dot. We have just rereleased the design in new colors but I would like to use your images as part of my blog post when I discuss the pattern.

    Thank you.