Tuesday, August 16, 2011


In September, the St. Louis chapter of the AIGA will be hosting a fundraiser for a local food bank. The event is going to be called FoodStock and the chapter asked me to do the poster for the event. I was thrilled....not only would I get to do a fun poster but whatever image I did would also be used on pins, tee shirts and magnets that they would sell at the event. Scott, who is in charge of the event. loves birds and he loves the way I do birds so as you can probably guess his idea for the poster was lots of birds eating from bird feeders. Of course I could not have been more pleased to spend days on end making birds. Gary art directed me and he wanted handmade type for the FoodStock logo. So since most of the work I have been doing I cannot show you...that pesky confidentiality stuff....I am happy I can show you this. I also am going to be doing a piece of artwork for the auction they will be having at the event and will show you that when I get it done....the artwork is going to be delicious.

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