Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You Cannot Bring Anymore Stuff Into This House

SAVE THE DATE.....Saturday October 15 9AM!  I am going to be having a sale at my house of  trinkets, embellishments, paper, art supplies, fabric, books and vintage collectables . I am planning to open an Etsy shop to sell vintage buttons, embellishments, fabric whatever I have too much of...which is most everything. But my friend Laurie suggested I have a sale first in my house, price everything at a lesser price that I plan to ask on Etsy and let me friends buy it first. So that is what I am going to do...some stuff will be vintage, some new. I will also have some collectables like tableclothes, toys, dishes etc. I will not be advertising this sale in any newspapers or any online web sale site etc. All the info about it will come to you either on the blog or via email. So if you live in St. Louis watch your email posts. You are welcome to bring friends to the sale but it will not be open to the general public.

Gary would like it if all my stuff were to go but then I would not have anything to make artwork with!! And the sale would have to last months to sell it all. 

I will not have any of my artwork for sale at this sale. That sale is coming next, hopefully before Christmas.

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  1. SIGN ME UP!!! I'd be there in a heartbeat! Laurie gifted me one of your prints (one of my favorites!) and it's AMAZING hanging in our new house! One day I will take a photo and share it with you! my email is jodie@freshartphotography.com