Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am on Print and Pattern blogspot today

The Print and Pattern blog is my favorite is so wonderfully visual, showing and reviewing all kinds of gift, stationary, and home products especially those products which feature patterns on them. I love pattern, most any kind of pattern...a product is always better with a pattern on it.
When I started working as a licensed artist I knew I wanted my artwork to be featured on Print and Pattern’s was a real fantasy for me. And then one day my husband called me down to his studio, he had something to show me. And there on a Friday at the top of the blog post on Print and Pattern was my artwork. Dreams do come true I thought as I sat there with tears in my eyes.
Since then I have been on Print and Pattern again last May before the Surtex show in NYC. And to further sweeten the cake, I was one of the artists picked to be in the Print and Pattern book which came out earlier this year. 
Today my Love Crush bird art made it onto the blog. Today I feel will be a good day. You have to celebrate the little victories in life.


  1. I feel happy for you, very happy. I was introduced to your work in Home Companion, I love your work and was very inspired by your use of fabric and metal, charms etc. I linked your blog on mine. Very nice work, glad to see things are working out.. Way to go.

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