Friday, November 5, 2010

My artwork is in two openings tonight in StL

Tonight is a big night for me....I am going to be in two openings.
The first opening is at the Mad Art Gallery in Soulard. My former student, now great buddy Dan Zettwoch, ( puts together a show he calls Famous Fiction. Each artist Dan ask to submit needs to create two images within the theme Dan picks for the show. This year the theme was Famous Fictional characters, one from a verse and one from a song. 
I told my daughter Anna about the theme for this year and she said you have to do Little Bunny Foo was one of her favorite songs when she was young....I used to sing it all the time in the car with her when I drove her back and forth to school. Okay, so I had the song character picked now I needed the verse character. I knew what I really wanted to do was Here Comes Peter Cottontail but it was another song. But Peter Cottontail was perfect..both pieces would then contain rabbits and Here Comes Peter Cottontail was the song I sung with my Dad whenever we drove around in the car. It didn’t matter what time of the year it was....we sang Here Comes Peter Cottontail at Christmas. I asked Dan if Little Bunny Foo Foo could be my verse and he said yes.
Here is my artwork

I made the artwork reflect Anna’s and my personalities and taste....Little Bunny Foo Foo fits Anna...the verse is a little edgy and punny....humor she gets from her Dad, it has her colors black, red, blue purple.
Peter Cottontail is sweet and cute...I would love to pretend that I am above sappiness but no matter what I do, cuteness follows me. I have decided it is my cross to bear that I feel the need to fill the world with cuteness and whimsy.  The color palette is Linda to a T and I adore bunnies in glasses.
Here is the info on the Mad Art Show.
Opening 7-11

I am also in the Design Faculty Show at the Des Lee Gallery on Washington Street. This year the faculty show for WU faculty has been split into two for the design faculty and one for the studio faculty. The opening is tonight from 6-8. The departments featured in the show are my department, Communication Design, and Fashion Design. Heather Corcoran and John Hendrix have structured the show so you can learn about design while you view the show.

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