Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Spy A Red Car

I just got this job done for Scholastic yesterday. It is a poster that will be hung in classrooms during Valentine’s Day 2011. You are getting a sneak preview! 
All of the trinkets and treasures in this piece of artwork I found in my stashes down in my basement...I did not have to buy a single item...scary thought huh one woman should have so much. (It certainly is to Gary)
One would think I was a hoarder but it is all organized in ziplock bags....dogs in one bag, cakes and sweets in another bag and so on and so on. I do not think hoarders feel the compulsion to organize their stuff...maybe instead I am OCD. But at least I can find my stuff in a day if I need it.
So here is the words that go in the middle of the heart. You need to find the following:
A pink star, a red car
A red clock, a pink sock
A pink bear, a red chair
A red hen, a pink pen
A pink book, a red hook
A red string, a pink ring
I trust you all will be able to find the stuff...this game is for  a 6-7 year old child.
As always the photography for this piece was shot by my trusty and immensely talented photographer, Curt Dennison. Here is his link... hire him for a job shoots great corn.

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  1. this is SO awesome. my son and I LOVE 'i spy' ! wonderful work-as always. thanks for sharing :)