Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sketchbook Time

New feature on my blog...sketchbook pages. 
Whenever I attend any kind of meeting or lecture I always bring along my sketchbook. I listen better when I am doodling. Sketching ideas keeps me awake. I always bring my sketchbook  to faculty meetings. These meetings occur in Steinberg Auditorium....the same auditoriun where I had Art History 101 when I went to school at Wash U long ago...I always fell asleep during class....class was at 8AM and the seats were so comfy.
A word about sketchbooks first. When I was a student at Wash U all the professors wanted us to keep sketchbooks. I hated keeping a sketchbook. I hated sitting in grocery stores sketching people buying tomatos. I thought a sketchbook needed to be filled with observation drawings. Guess what... when I started teaching I learned a sketchbook could be anything I wanted it to be. So I fill mine with ideas for products and plushes, I work out handmade lettering for my artwork and I love to just doodle flowers and animals.
Here are a series of sketches I did last week when I attended a class on marketing. I have been wanting to create a new line of plushes to sew at night when I watch TV. Here are the sketches. I then cleaned up my sketches so I could begin to make patterns for the plushes. Look back because I will be posting the plushes as I work on them.

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  1. Hey Linda! Thanks for posting these. I think you know this already but I work similarly in my sketchbook and don't always care for "observation drawing"... so seeing someone else work that way too is refreshing and a nice reminder that working this way isn't "wrong." :)

    I agree about those art history classes! A dark room and comfy chair... doodling saved me in those classes.