Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Big Art Sale is Going To Be Sunday, December 4

Linda: Boy that was some sale I had..made good money, got stuff out of the house…you know you can walk down an aisle in the basement now.

Gary: Yes I am so impressed..you realize of course, that you still need to take some more stuff out…I would like to  walk around the whole basement.

Linda: Just be happy that you can walk down one aisle. But you know what people asked me most…are you selling any original artwork?

Gary: Well you do have fans who love your work…would you consider selling some of your original art…I know you think of them as your children but maybe it is time for some of them to leave the nest just like Annie did.

Linda: Well you are probably right about that…it would be nice to know my children are out and about in new homes making people happy. Okay I will do it..but when?

Gary: You know the holidays are coming up.

Linda: Perfect! I will have a sale of my original artwork on a Sunday in December.

Linda’s Artwork Needs A New Home Sale

Sunday, December 4th      10:00 am till 3:00 pm
6415 Murdoch Avenue 63119
Cash or Checks
No Pre-Sales Please.

Original Artwork ready to be framed just in time to give as
Christmas gifts either to your friends, family or yourself.

All sizes and prices…this artwork will include artwork done for my portfolio, original Etsy artwork, greeting card and collection artwork used for licensing

Extra Bonus!

All of my Etsy prints will be included in this special sale…
8”X10” $10.00      13”x19”  $20.00 
Order the prints either by email before the sale, then pick up and pay for them at the sale or order them at the sale, pay for them and pick them up later that week.

Only Original artwork (collages and limited edition prints) will be for sale.

Gary: I think is a great thing you are doing, your artwork needs to be seen in more places.

Linda: You know that means I will need to make more artwork after I sell stuff and with the money I make I will need supplies to make those new pieces of artwork….and if I sell stuff I will have money…

Gary: Linda remember at the first sale, I said you had enough stuff to make artwork everyday for the rest of your life.

Linda: You did?

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