Tuesday, November 29, 2011

See What Artwork is Going to be for Sale

Well I have been buzzin’ around my studio trying to get my next sale ready....lots of trimming and cleaning up of the artwork, pricing it and packing it, ready to sell. For the next four days I will be posting images on my blog of the work for sale. If you see something you want email me and I will give you the price and dimensions. The size of the artwork varies and some pieces on here are smaller or larger than they appear. Also you will see messages on some of the card pieces...they are not on the original art. As I said the artwork will include illustrations, licensed images, Etsy pieces, odds and ends...all original and priced to sell. 

So now take a gander at what is for sale. You need the title for this first piece....The Friady Bunch
The Fraidy Bunch 12"X12" $500.00

A cherry a day  5"X9" $50.00

Q is for Quilt 10"X 19" $250.

Cake Delight 12.5"X 17" $100.0

With Love 5.5"X7" $50.00

Camping Time 11.5X17.5 $200.00

Dream Girl 17.5"X18.5" $250.00

Swimming Time 10"X12" $75.00

Flower Bouquet 8.5"X11" $75.00

*Hoo Loves You 7.75"X9.5" $150.00

From Me to You 6.25"X9.5" $100.00

Birdhouse of Love 7.75"X12.5" $150.00

Walking Dogs 20"X24" $1200.00

Everyone Knows its Windy 12"X18" $150.00

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