Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today it is small pieces

Today I am going to measure all of the pieces so those of you who have asked about sizes of certain pieces will have an answer.

Several pieces have found happy homes lovely friend Annie bought the mouse measuring tape and my dear friend Joyce took home the slumber party piece. So they are gone from the sale.

Those of you who live out of town are welcome to buy pieces. I will ship them to you if they are a small size at no cost but if you buy a large piece you will need to pay for shipping.

So today I am posting most of the Etsy book backs and small pieces that will be for sale.

Flitter Flutter 2   9.5"X 13" $150.00

Coffee Time  7.5"X7.5" $75.00

Friends are Flowers  8"X10" $125.00

Friends are Gifts  8"X10" $125.00

*Fushia Passion  6"X8.25" $150.00

*Izzy and Lizzie  5"X7.75" $150.00

*AIGA 20th Anniversary  10.5"X11.5" $200.00

LIfe is Good  8"X10" $125.00

*Flitter Flutter  6.25"X9.25" $150.00

*True Lovebirds  10.5"X11.5" $200.00

*Meadow Bright   5.5"X8.5" $150.00

*Mid Century Mod Vase #2   5.75"X9.5" $150.00

Peace and Love  10"X10" $75.00

*Pixie Petals  6"X9.25" $150.00

*Wanda and Irv  5"X8" $150.00

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