Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do you need artwork for kids?

Todays posting will be most of the work I have done for kids. Some of them are illustration jobs for Sesame Street, Girl’s Life, others are for kids wall art and some I did just for fun or for promo pieces.

The fruit bowl and the owls in the snow are gone from yesterday’s post. My former roommate and forever friend Sue bought them.

The Little Bo Peep piece you will see in this post will look me it is an intact piece now. The original artwork had Big Bird holding the book...his hands held the book....that is where I have erased out the image.....and you saw the top of his body but he did not have a head....too frightening to hang in a kids I have taken Big Bird off the piece and fixed the book so it is complete and also the art is on a fresh clean white background.

There is also a piece with a baby in a bed surrounded by baby items..the artwork is in a grid. There is a cloud above the baby. I will personalize this piece with a baby’s name and birth date if you buy it.

So here comes the artwork.

There are 4 of these Fairy pieces..if you buy all 4 the cost is $800.00 They are $250.00 each

Fairy Clarice and Topsy  10"X10" $250.00

Fairy Tiffany Sings a Tune  10"X10" $250.00

Fairy Cassie Visits Friends  10"X10' $250.00

Fairy Madeline and Bluebell  10"X10" $250.00

Baby $200.00

Easter  8.75"X12" $250.00

Happy Baby  8.5"X8.5" $50.00

Little Bo Peep 11"X16" $200.00

Make Your Own Kind of Music  11"X14" $200.00

Bloom  11"X14" $200.00

Our House is a Very Very Fine House  11"X14" $200.00

Four Buddies (this has a white bkgd)  9"X12" $175.00

Play with Me  11"X14" $50.00

Moon Walk  16"X18" $150.00

Cow and Moon 7.5"X9.5" $35.00

Cow and Sun  7.5"X9.5"  $35.00

Custom Baby  12"X14.5" $350.00

Dog in House  10"X14.5" $100.00

Mother and Child Reunion/Dogs  8.5"X8.5" $50.00

Smarty Owl  8.5"X8.5" $50.00

Here Comes the Sun  8.5"X8.5" $50.00

Mother and Child Reunion/Elephants  8.5"X8.5" $50.00

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