Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays

As usual I am behind with gifts wrapped, tree up but not decorated, house not cleaned, gifts still to finish making...why oh why do I always think it will be fun to make a little something for certain people (mainly my mom). My lovely daughter is home from her first semester at college...she survived it and is ready for next semester. She is elated beyond belief (I would be too) that she will never have to take another 3D design course. And she is excited that next semester she can start the first course in her major...Introduction to Graphic Design. So now I can listen to two people discuss the merits of typefaces and the hierarchy of the type in the slides that are shown before the film starts at the know the local ads. My husband Gary always likes to get to the movies early so we get to watch the slides scroll by at least 10 times and what else is there to do but critique the slides.  In fact I experienced this just last night before the start of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It is the one film I have been waiting all year to see. It is directed by David Fincher one of my favorite directors(Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac, Benjamin Button, Social Network) . He cast it perfectly. I loved the books and the Swedish film versions so I just had to see the American version the night it opened. I dragged Gary...actually he wanted to go...and Anna....I have talked so much about the book etc that she went to appease her mom. Everyone enjoyed the movie and it is beautifully shot as all David Fincher movies are. And the opening credits are stunning. That was Annie’s favorite part of the movie. That is what you get when you talk too much about something and give them too high an expectation...something I tend to do. When I like/love something I think everyone in my immediate circle should feel the same.

So back on track. As I was decorating my you doubt I would do that.... I thought I would share a few of my favorite vintage holiday cards as well as one card that is so me. So here they are to get you in the holiday spirit.

A little large for her but she plays the those holiday songs with passion

This card would get a negative typography critique from Annie and Gary

I just think this is so cute.

Let’s get rid of Rudolph...what says Christmas better than a turquoise poodle.

Better you did not know how seductive Rudolph could be

This is so my house and my sentiment...I always buy new Christmas knickknacks. I am off to TFA antiques today so I can see what they have for Christmas...I am really late this year.

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