Friday, December 2, 2011

Everything is coming up posies!

As we go into winter I know I am missing the flowers of spring and summer. So today I am posting all the posie pieces I will have in my sale. When you work doing licensed images, flowers along with birds are the main images you make over and over. As a result I really have made a lot of flower artwork!
So pretend it is spring when you look at this post.

Garden of Happiness 2  12"X17" $1200.00

5 Vases  15"X23" $250.00

A Cherry a Day 2  8.5"X8.5" $50.00

This next 4 prints are priced at $150.00 each. If you buy all 4 the cost is $400.00 I have cleaned up the centers on these pieces, taken off the glass bauble so you can read the words better.

Dream  8.5"X8.5" $150.00

Love  8.5"X8.5" $150.00

Wish  8.5"X8.5" $150.00
Joy 8.5"X8.5" $150.00

A Simple Gift  8.5"X8.5" $50.00

Flower Pots  9"X13.5" $75.00

A Tisket A Tasket  8.5"X8.5" $50.00

Heart Tree  8.5"X8.5" $50.00

Lollipop Flowers 2  12.5"X12.5" $150.00

*Bubble Flowers  6"X9.25" $150.00

Multiple Vases  11"X13" $250.00

*Mid Century Mod Vase #3  5.75X9.25" $150.00

Flower Bouquet 2  6.5"X14.5" $75.00

Posies in Vase/Blue  9"X12" $75.00

Posies in Vase/Green  9"X12" $75.00

Posies in Vase/Red  9"X12" $75.00

Rambling Rose 10.5"X14.5" $650.00

Soaring Bird  8.5"X8.5" $50.00

Summer Breeze Birds  11.5"X15" $75.00

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