Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On The Road Again

I needed to go down to the Ozarks this weekend to do some work at my mom’s condo and I needed someone to go along with me. Gary and Annie were busy so I asked my friend Joyce if she was up for a little adventure. I tried to convince her to go saying we could shop at the outlet mall but that did not work. Joyce hates all big box stores...remember she is the friend that sits in the car while I shop IKEA... and it turns out she hates outlets as well. So I convinced her to go by saying we could swing up to Columbia MO, see some galleries and fabric stores and then go down to the lake. Joyce went to Mizzou for college and she loves to relive her college days haunting her old stomping grounds. So she agreed to go and drive to boot.

So off we went. We saw some great art in la dee da galleries and we were both hungry so we stopped for ice cream at a place called Sparky’s. What a lucky break that we chose this ice cream parlor. Not only did we get a treat for our stomachs we got a treat for our eyes. The parlor was decorated with all kinds of lovely paintings....just like a gallery. So I snapped some photos of the best paintings so you could enjoy them too...frankly I do not understand why these are not in a real gallery.

First up, it is not easy to shoot paintings on a wall while you are holding an ice cream cone. I cropped all of the following photos but I am going to include this one to show you how most of my images looked before I cropped them.

Bet you’re whistlin’ the Magnum PI themesong
This is some wrasslin’ huh?
Did Hulk really make an appearance at the Bluth’s Banana Stand?
This is for Jana, I think of you when I see a picture of Loretta.
I am not sure what to make of this.
The question is is this a lion, monkey, Chewbacca or 
a Planet of the Apes extra?
So I was unaware that there might be gay wrestlers 
in Mexico...must be okay because the Madonna seems happy.
Miss Sophia Loren
Hurry boaters...The Apocalypse is coming!
The magic of music...it can make a piano rise off the floor.
This piece of artwork reminds me of the beautiful painting that was hanging across from my rep Sheila’s bed at the Cheshire Inn when she last visited me in St. Louis. Imagine this looking at you all night long.
This painter is in advertising...great product placement.
Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit and meet aliens.
And last but not least the what the heck is going on in this painting. I think that might be George Wallace or George W...it that Scarlet O’Hara... comment on what you think is going on and the best answer will get a little surprise from me.

Now I know you are all thinking that any collection of paintings which are this spectacular should have some clowns in it and you would be right...there were lots of clowns. But that is going to be another blog post dedicated to the lover of everything clowns, my friend Sara. So check back for that post...you will not want to miss it!


  1. haha great post Linda. Sorry I missed this gallery/ice cream shop...guess I will have to make a road trip outta here if I want to see some REAL art with my rocky road :)

  2. You make me pee, Linda! Okay, there was a storm or a flood or something at the top. The parents are on the right. One of the daughters (pink one) died and her memory drips into all of their lives. Her sister can't let go (rose reaching up to dead pink sister); another sister is lesbian but can't come out from under the table. The baby of the family is a crackhead (cracked lamp baby). How'd I do? Thanks for the fun!!!!!

  3. I love this artwork. So funny. So passionate.

  4. Bob and I are SICK that we did not get to enjoy this great art with you. Did we tell you that all our kids are terrified of clowns and think they are creepy? So we cannot wait to see your next post.

    We think the picture is a nightmare, not unlike those dreams where all kinds of weird things happen but everyone else thinks it is perfectly normal. That looks like Marilyn Monroe in the pink. The man's hairline suggests Nixon or maybe!-- Tom Hanks playing Carl Hanratty in Catch Me If You Can!-- and that's why there are fake checks and incriminating documents laying on the table in the foreground!--and he's wading in water with his suit on, perhaps he is about to be baptized. I don't think that is Scarlett O'Hara, it's more like Sara, plain and tall, emphasis on the plain. That thing at the top is either a weeping willow or a leaping whale. The girl with the rose is Gypsy Rose Lee, and the other girl is Scout from to Kill a Mockingbird and that bowling pin lamp thing is her costume for the school play and she doesn't want to wear it-- that's why she is hiding. That makes about as much sense as a nightmare.