Friday, June 24, 2011

Sending in the Clowns

As promised, the clowns are here. My friend Sara needs to have a medical procedure today and what better way to cheer up her day than to send in the clowns. Now as I may have mentioned, Sara hates clowns. So once I know something like this about a friend, as a sign of affection, I cannot resist bombarding my friend with dumb images. It is a wonder I have any friends.I have been sending Sara clowns for years ever since we lived across the street from each other. That was 15 years ago. It is amazing how much bad clown art there is in the world. To me, of course, all clown art is bad even the Red Skelton paintings which, believe it or not, some people collect. I always find at least 1-2 pieces of bad clown art in any flea market or antique mall I go to. My friend Robin posts on Facebook oddities she sees when she goes out junking and there is always clown art in the group of images. Thanks to Robin for several of the following images.

Sara has the warmest heart and a most generous spirit. The day we left to go to China to pick up Annie she got up at 4:00 AM with a plate of cookies for us to eat on our long plane trip. So Sara this is for you. I’m sending in the clowns. 


  1. Oh goody! Now, whenever I'm in a waiting room I'll be thinking
    "geez, there ought to be some clowns on these walls!

    I particularly like the cheerleader clown in the third image
    -she seems to really be in the spirit of clowning!
    I love you my friend and youre so sweet for this great post

  2. These clowns are just horrific! and I love them for the same reasons :). my best buddy Wendy is terrified of clowns as well and I'm sending her a link to your post out of love..... thanks for all these scary images

  3. Some of these clowns are really creepy. And I mean that in the nightmare sense.